Casali Sport

casali certificate


Name/Thickness Use Image Certificate
Confosport/T (1mm) Tennis and Basketball Casali Confosport/T ITF medium 3
Supersoft (1mm) Tennis Casali Supersoft ITF Medium Fast 4
Supersoft Doppio (2mm)
Tennis Casali Supersoft Doppio ITF Medium 3
Surface EVOlution (3mm) Tennis Casali Surface EVOlution ITF Medium Slow 2
Pavisint SL 75 (5mm mat+2mm PU)
Basketball Volleyball Futsal Handball Badminton
Casali Pavisint SL 75 (5mm mat+2mm PU) FIBA Approved


Porplastic Certificate

Name Use Image Specification
Porplastic Indoor Pel Basic
Indoor Multi Sport Porplastic Indoor Pel Basic
  • total thickness 7-13mm 4-10mm + 2-3mm coating
  • point elastic
  • imperiable
  • FIH approved
  • formaldehyde-free
  • pentachlorophenole-free
  • permanent elasticity
  • good scratch and abrasion resistance
  • for indoor sports flooring
  • available in many colors


Wenming Certificates

Name Use Image Specification
Pure SI-PU Outdoor Multi Sport Wenming Pure SI-PU Single SI-PU System 3mm and 5mm SI-PU
SI-PU over SBR Outdoor Multi Sport Wenming SI-PU over SBR 4-10 SBR Granules Sub-Layer + 2-3mm SI-PU