Wenming Seamless Synthetic Rubber


Seamless Synthetic Rubber Sports Flooring

Full-PU System
wenming full-pu system
  • Thickness 13mm-15mm
  • Primer
  • Mixed PU and SBR granules 
  • EPDM granules
  • Line marking

Sandwich System

wenming sandwich sysytem

  • Thickness 13mm-15mm
  • Primer
  • SBR granules with PU binder
  • Pore sealer with PU + EPDM
  • Top coat with EPDM granules


Spraycoat System


  • Thickness: 13mm-15mm
  • Primer
  • SBR granules with PU binder
  • EPDM granules with PU coating
  • Line marking


Combi System

combi system

  • Thickness: 15mm
  • Primer
  • SBR granules + PU binder
  • Full PU + EPDM powder
  • Full PU material
  • PU spraycoat + EPDM granules


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